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"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is."
-Albert Einstein
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Abandonment Issues
abandonment issues
Date Fri Aug 20 2004 15:19 | Vonnie
I have utilized Dr. Carson's hypnotherapy for several issues including; Fear of being alone and abandonment, finishing writing my thesis, and being a champion rodeo barrel racer. I have benefited immensely as I finished my thesis graduating with my M.PH , and I am now in my third year of law school. I have also won numerous rodeos since our one session on that issue allowing myself to trust my horse and not hold back. I am also in a 2 year relationship with a nice man and I had the courage to buy my own place. I have become powerful, strong, and I am in control.
ADD/Attention Deficit Disorder
ADD/attention deficit disorder
January 2012 / John 8 years old
John is able to complete his school work now and he is able to stay in his own bed. He wrote: thank you for helping me.
February 9 2016 / Tom in Pennsylvania
I had a really bad addiction to internet chat sites, explicit chat sites, and my life was in a downward spiral towards self-destruction. I wanted to spend all my time on these sites and began to turn my back on my friends and family; choosing the internet world over the real people all around me. Thanks to Dr. Carson and her techniques, I can now access the internet without the temptations of going to those sites and I can get things done, like work. She helped me find peace within myself and the joy of spending time with my friends and family. THANK YOU for your caring, professionalism, and patience!!!

April 16 2015 / Oscar
I came here with my life going the wrong direction and felt blue, sad, mad, negative all the time, but now I feel like the world is for me to mold and it’s going to be great! I was craving weed and alcohol all of the time, but mostly weed. Now I’ve been sober and I’m going to continue that. I got my self will back and my feet planted on the ground. I have a natural high now and a contagious positivity is finally rising like I’ve never seen it. Thanks a lot Doctor and God Bless.

May 29, 2012 / Monica
I brought my fiance to Dr. Carson for help with his depression, addictions and social anxiety. She worked miracles! Not only did she help his overall happiness and give him inner strength, but she got him to quit smoking and crave healthier choices! He is feeling strong, happy and confident, able to go out in public and deal with situations he used to shun. I can't say enough about her! Thank you SO much, Dr. Carson!!!!

March 16 2012 / Richard
This is a testimony of the effective treatment I received from Dr. Carson: I went to Dr. Carson in desperation because of a habitual addiction. I had tried everything but nothing was effective until I had four sessions with her. She not only dealt with my addiction but also with many other things within my life that suppressed the blessings within the joy of the Lord. She helped me understand the interactions between my conscious and subconscious, my mind and my heart. Thank you and many blessings, Richard.

Thank you Dr. Carson. Date October 31 2011 / Eddie
I came to stop my alcohol cravings and my chewing tobacco habit and in one session was free of all cravings. No withdrawal of craving of any kind! This has changed my life. I can't believe I waited this long to find myself. This really works and I will use my tools for the rest of my happy life. Thank you Dr. Carson. Amazing!

Date Mon April 25 2010 / Melissa
I have overcome the cravings I had for all outside substances, anything that changes my body's chemistry. I have a better, clearer, and more accepting view of myself. I have learned how to deal with my negative emotions and how to use these emotions in a positive way. My relationships are better and I am also more productive in my work. This is exactly what I saw myself doing when I pictured myself happy. I would never have thought that I would be as happy with myself as I am today. You can be helped, it's never too late.

Date Wed Jan 22 2003 12:56 | Shawn
I overcame an addiction (to meth) that was getting ready to take everything that I loved in life away from me (in three sessions!).
I also came to the understanding that life is what you make of it. And the more you truly want in life the more you will get for yourself.
Thank you for helping me find my true self.
February 9 2017 / Peggy
I feel balanced and in control of what I drink and eat now. I am happy, lighter and peaceful. I also learned to love myself, and get peace of mind. I am no longer feeling overwhelmed, and I am releasing weight. I have no desire to drink wine or any alcohol anymore which is really freeing. Thank you, Dr. Carson.

August 1 2016 / Laura in Florida
I wanted freedom from alcohol and poor food choices which means living life without being under the control of any substance. Dr. Carson, together, we accomplished unblocking me from things that were preventing me from being fully engaged in life. All the pain I was trying to prevent with the alcohol was worse than facing life itself without alcohol. I was going down the rabbit hole I never even realized I was in! You helped me realize the power that I have within myself to change and control my thoughts. I had given my power away without knowing it. You helped me reclaim that which was already within me. My life will illustrate this. I am the change I been yearning for! I love you, Dr. Carson. God bless you!

July 18 2016 / Daphne in Michigan
I wanted treatment from Dr. Carson for the cravings for alcohol which are now gone. easily. I am able to sleep restfully now which also has helped me to heal. I was strung out from not sleeping before the treatment. Thank you Dr. Carson.

April 26 2016 / Richard in Texas
Primarily, I felt that I lacked motivation before the treatment and now I am confident that I am able to deal with the challenging personalities around me. I was also sleeping too much. I have let go of the alcohol, and now am thinking more clearly, have more energy, less sugar in my body, and getting restful sleep. I have also begun to release excess weight. The sessions were very good. I appreciate your time and what you taught me. Thank you, Dr. Carson.

April 22 2016 / Patricia in Massachussetts
I had a lot of anxiety and stress and behavioral patterns which were deep, and I realized for the first time what they were and was able to address them with your help. I am well on the way to being healed. I quit drinking and am not craving alcohol. That feels very good. This experience was very nice and I appreciate it.

April 16 2015 / Oscar
I came here with my life going the wrong direction and felt blue, sad, mad, negative all the time, but now I feel like the world is for me to mold and it’s going to be great! I was craving weed and alcohol all of the time, but mostly weed. Now I’ve been sober and I’m going to continue that. I got my self will back and my feet planted on the ground. I have a natural high now and a contagious positivity is finally rising like I’ve never seen it. Thanks a lot Doctor and God Bless.

March 12 2014 / Todd
I'm happy I stopped drinking, have no pain, am not depressed. I feel great just after a few visits and following Dr. Carson's suggestions really works. I recommend Dr. Carson to anybody.

October 21 2013 / Pamela
No drinking since 8/14/13. Means a lot! Not craving sweets: Huge!!!

February 11 2012 / Chris
I was able to let go of my past: guilt, anxiety, depression, and being unsure of myself. I am now feeling confident, strong, worthy, and deserving. Dr. Carson helped me to accomplish all that in three sessions and was able to plant into my unconscious that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to do. And I feel confident about that. Thank you.
Allergies/Sinus Problems
allergies/sinus problems
June 17 2013 / Gabriela
I came in because I was depressed, had bad allergies and a chronic cough, I was stressed, dealing with problems, had heartburn and pain in my body. I also had anger and hurt feelings. I was looking for "something" to help me feel better. My cousins advised me to look outside the medical field and my husband supports me and encourages me. After speaking with Dr. Carson on my first visit, I started to heal and with the tools she taught me. I am 100% better. I have healed in so many ways. Now my allergies are gone and my cough is gone. I was on many medications that I don't need anymore. I am so grateful for my new life!
February 26 2016 | Glenda in Michigan
I just completed three treatments with Dr. Carson. I initially contacted Dr. Carson about anger, depression and sadness. Initially, I was skeptical about dealing with the unconscious mind and wondering how she could get to the root cause so quickly. During my first session, Dr. Carson taught me tools that helped me become more conscious of my feelings and reactions to decisions I was making. One added benefit was allowing the removal of the need for caffeine. I have known for years that coffee was making my anxiety worse but I needed the energy and was addicted to two pots a day. I was able to stop with her help. Each session was different from the previous one and I was taught how to speak to my unconscious to heal the anger. At the end of each treatment, I felt at peace and better about myself.
Dr. Carson is tough and does not baby you. She wants what is best for you and shows you how to be coachable in order to get what you paid for. She has a unique way about her, but it works. I believe that with the tools I have been taught, I will continue to better myself in dealing with my unconscious.

April 4 2015 | Richard
I was really doubtful when I first came in and always angry, but now after I have done all that I was taught, I let all my anger and other issues go, and my life has gone through a huge turnaround. I am a much better person. I have learned so much about myself. I would recommend anyone to see Dr. Carson. She is a great person and great at what she does! I finally love myself once again. My life is so much brighter, and more fulfilling. (See the You Tube video on the first page of this website.)

July 2 2014 | Justin
I would absolutely recommend Dr. Carson's treatment to anyone who wants to better themselves. Dr. Carson's process is an effective way of getting a person to understand the root causes of feelings in a positive way. Dr. Carson changed my life in an amazing way. I am truly thankful for what she has helped me accomplish. I understand and love myself in ways I thought to be impossible. I have a much better recognition of the "good" in my life which had been gone for a long time. Thank you, Dr. Carson, this process has been amazing for me!

July 23 2013 | Roberto
I had a wonderful experience. Great healing process spiritually and physically. I also sent my daughter with a thyroid problem, she was taking medications for hypothyroidism. The problem is gone and she is cured. Please go see Dr. Carson. She is very professional and she will help you with any problem as she has helped me.

November 15 2012 | Adam
Dr. Carson helped me in ways I didn't believe possible. I have tried traditional therapy and medications and had little to no results. But now I am confident that I am capable of leading a happy healthy life.

October 10 2012 | Destiny
Hi, I'm 12 years old and I really liked it here. It's fun. If your a teen or kid and need to talk and heal, call her! She's awesome!

October 10 2012 | Martha
I came here to obtain skills that would help me deal with issues between my daughter and me in a constructive way. I have increased my self-confidence, my anger has decreased and I have learned ways to deal with any anger that arises. I am happier than when I first came to therapy. I don't have frustration like I did or feel lost. My relationship with my daughter has greatly improved. Gone is the feeling of tension between us that had been there for ages. I highly recommend Dr. Carson. I was already a strong believer in the power of our own minds so I knew hypnotherapy would work. The tools Dr. Carson gave me will be used throughout my lifetime to continue my new-found confidence, happiness, and success in dealing with anger and depression.

June 28 2012 | Gabriel
Dr. Carson has shown me that with her help and some calming tools, anything is possible. Coming into her office, I was a smoker with asthma and an extreme amount of anger, but today, I'm walking out her doors feeling happy, healthy, and in control of my anger, as well as my life.

Date Mon Aug 1 2010 | Elizabeth
Dr. Carson helped me with my weight, anger, stress and even showed me a way to relax and go on with life being happy and free. Thank you for everything.

Date Wed Jun 30 2010 15:32 | Josh
I came in thinking the worst, but after talking to Dr. Carson, my fears of therapy went away. She is very down to earth and very personable. Also, I came in with many problems that I didn't realize were so important to the issue I came in for. She saved me and my relationship. Thank you.

Date Thu May 20 2010 13:46 | Brian
Dr. Carson provided an excellent service assisting me with anger control. I've learned that unwarranted anger can be released. So many more issues were resolved throughout our sessions, however including self-esteem building and cessation of tobacco and alcohol use. I highly recommend Dr. Carson for anyone interested in bettering their life and the lives of those around them.

Date Wed Feb 25 2009 13:50 | Mike
One of the things that I found extremely helpful is that Dr. Carson gives you the tools to use when you need help with whatever you are struggling with. The tools she integrates into you to use when times seem to be more than you can handle. Thank you Dr. Carson for your help.

Date Fri Jun 16 2006 15:44 | Susan
It was such a relief to understand and release the anger (at being abandoned) that had been such a negative issue in my life. It affected things I had not even realized. A wonderful, refreshing and invigorating experience!!

Date Tue Apr 27 2004 12:08 | Ron
I was able to accomplish my main goal of controlling my anger. I am free of anger now and I am also free of depression. My anger level was 10 on the scale of 0-10 and now after three sessions with Doctor Carson it is 0. I feel very good.I can sleep good and control my allergies now.

Date Mon Nov 24 2003 12:14 | Dedra
Dr.Viviane was very comforting and non-judgmental in my time of need. She made me feel safe, warm and comforted in the knowledge that I would be healed, and I am healed.
I am very peaceful and open to live, laugh, and love life. I let go of my anger, jealousy, and I am more confident. I know I am a good person and have a lot to offer to the people around me.
I now eat more healthy and no longer crave chocolate, coffee or sodas. I no longer have migraines. My self-esteem is very high and I am a better person on the inside and outside!
Thank you!

Date Sun Feb 9 2003 20:54 | Devron, 14
I have more focus now, and got rid of my bad temper.
Thanks for helping me with my anger.

Date Thu Jan 30 2003 12:47 | Enrique
I got over all the anger I had, I'm more confident, improved self-esteem.
Thank you, doctor, and I'll keep using my tools forever.

Date Tue Jan 28 2003 11:37 | David
I am able to fully trust my wife and enjoy a positive and joyful life together. I now have the ability to be calm anytime I need to.

Date Wed Jan 22 2003 13:01 | Donna
I came in for "anger loss" and left with a sense of peace and calm. In the process the anger is gone yet I gain more than I would have imagined.

January 2012 / Sue
I'm not craving alcohol and I am eating healthy. It means a lot to me to be OK. I also learned tools for calmness and eating compulsively. Thank you.

Date October 31 2011 / Eddie
I came to stop my alcohol cravings and chewing tobacco habit and in one session was free of all cravings. No withdrawal of craving of any kind! This has changed my life. I can't believe I waited this long to find myself. This really works and I will use my tools for the rest of my happy life. Thank you Dr. Carson. Amazing!

Date Sat Nov 13 2010 23:51 | Chip
Found myself once again in a ditch while trying to swim with the fish and run with the wolves. Thanks to Dr. Carson, I was able to pull myself out of the pain that was hidden by alcohol addiction. It is wonderful to see life "clear as a bell".

Date August 29, 2010 | Carlos
I never thought the cravings for liquor and cigars would go so easily. The tools worked. I have accomplished my goals and also I'm no longer hurting myself.

Date Sun May 23 2010 23:44 | Donna
I have accomplished so very much. The alcohol addiction and cravings are gone.Using the tools I rediscovered meditation and relaxation. Grief, anger abandonment issues no longer seem to be issues at all. Things I feared seem to have no impact any longer. I was able to say goodbye to many, many, so many negatives in my life I am not even going to list them or you would be reading for an eternity. I am so thankful to feel centered, be positive in every task I pursue, and the successes just in such a short time have been more than I had imagined and cannot wait to see them grow and my life a complete success in every way.I learned forgiveness of myself and others. Physically,I have experienced no more pain, a change of eating habits, a loss of hot flashes, headaches and have never before felt so content with myself. I thank you.

Date Fri Apr 17 2009 09:54 | Andrew
I came here to stop use of alcohol and to get control of my life. Also, better physical and mental health. And was able to get more than I thought. I have a better family life thru better understanding of myself. If you put your mind to it with faith you can do anything. Thank you Dr. Carson.

Date Fri Jan 24 2003 23:16 | Tammy
No more cravings for alcohol, no depression, no anxiety. I am looking at my life in a different light. Thank you Dr. Carson, for my new life.
February 12 2018 / Lanette
I was referred to Dr. Carson by a friend and at that point in my life I was willing to try anything. After all three sessions, I feel like a new person, I feel like I have a plan and tools for the life I want. My anxiety is gone, I sleep better and feel happier and more confident. I recommend her to anyone who is ready to change their life.

March 1 2016 / Debi in Wisconsin
I feel I’ve been given an opportunity to look at the world within me and outside of me in a different way, to change my own reality. There is a possibility to change your way of thinking to change your life by using the tools as offered, expanding your awareness and possibilities in your life with Dr. Carson. I see things differently now and that has opened up things for me. I don’t have depression, or blame or guilt or shame. I am not internalizing these emotions now like I used to. The severe anxiety is gone and I know it will continue to be gone. I am thankful for the support and help you’ve given me, Dr. Carson.

June 30 2015 / Laura
I had suffered from panic and anxiety for years and did not want to medicate as I did not feel the medication would solve the problem. I sought out the help of Dr. Carson after reviewing her website and feeling like this was the better option. Once in her treatment, she was very compassionate, understanding and always available. Her help has been the most effective of all the treatments I’ve sought out and I would definitely recommend her services and urge those suffering from panic and anxiety to seek out Dr. Carson as it will change your life.

February 5 2014 / Tieler 16 years old
I feel like my anxiety is healed, I have an appetite now and I like myself more. This has become a major experience for me and I am better off because without it I would have still had the frustration, anxiety and worries. Thank you for healing my anxiety Doctor, I feel like a new person.

January 6 2014 / Justin
I was struggling with anxiety, depression, fatigue and was relieved of these symptoms and much more. Dr. Carson is a shining star! Her knowledge, sincerity, caring nature and professionalism are a breath of fresh air. I am so excited of things to come as Dr. Carson has helped me see where I am and enabled me to finally turn the page and start a new and exciting chapter for my life and my family as well. Thank you Dr. Carson!

May 20 2013 / Anxiety due to thyroid condition / Ashley
I would highly recommend Dr. Carson to anyone seeking a serious life improvement. When you look back at your life after completing treatment, you will see doors and paths that you yourself unknowingly closed. Dr. Carson will provide you with the tools and confidence to live your life at its fullest. I stand here today as a happier, more self-aware and complete human being because of it. Thank you Dr. Carson!

June 25 2012 / Test Anxiety / Laurie
I am thankful I came to see Dr. Carson. I feel better about myself. I was so depressed I wasn't wearing make up and taking care of myself. I now feel ready to go take my nursing boards and pass. I feel calm and at peace with myself and with everything around me.

December 2011 / Elizabeth
I don't have panicky, depressive thoughts or feel sick to my stomach anymore. I also don't feel like I need to smoke cigarettes. This therapy has helped me overcome negative thoughts that made me feel mentally and physically unwell for some years. I have had definite results from this therapy that I have not received elsewhere, more than years of therapy.

October 3, 2011 / Ana
After seeing Dr. Carson I feel like I have control over my life. I found out the root cause of depression, anxiety, anger and now I have the best self esteem ever. Thank you. My relationship is also better.

August 1 2011 / Angelea
I came in thinking this might not work for my anxiety, stress and pain. I leave here knowing this therapy does work and there is something simply beautiful about that. Thank you.

Date Aug 1 2011 / Alex
I was somewhat resistant at first, but Dr. Carson's treatment made me a believer. I know it is working and I now feel great and fully confident of my abilities and future. This was a very good experience. Thank you!

Date Mon May 2 2011 / Mark
Dr. Carson helped me learn to deal with stress and remove negative thoughts. I came to her really stressed out and had a tightness in my chest from the stress. The first session, Dr. Carson taught me how to relax and gave me tools to help me control my subconscious mind from thinking negative and help me "let it go" so that I would not get stressed out. The next day, the pain in my chest was gone for good and my stress level was lower. During the second session, Dr. Carson gave me another tool to prevent stress from building up. It works great. After the final session, my treatment is complete and I feel like I am really in charge of my life. Thanks Dr. Carson.

Date Mon April 18 2011 / America
I needed help with my anxiety and panic attacks. I feel I have received the help that I searched for, for a very long time. I feel strong enough so that I don't have the need for medications. I also lost weight and feel confident that I will continue to lose weight. I have also felt a healing in my soul of so many open wounds that I tried to cover up since childhood. Thank you so much Dr. Carson. You're the greatest!

Date Mon April 4 2011 | Scott
I came here to get rid of my anxiety and panic symptoms and the frustrating and terrifying lies they brought me... I have a better outlook as the person I truly am. I feel that I have gotten rid of the guilt and anger and stress and physical pain and everything that had brought my life to misery, and can now move forward and live a normal and happy life.

Date Tue Feb 22 2011 13:04 | Christine
Before meeting with Dr. Carson, I has such extreme anxiety, feeling I had no hope for a better life. After going through treatment with Dr. Carson, I feel happy, relaxed, and I have a great future ahead of me ANXIETY FREE. Thank you Dr. Carson so much for helping me to get my life back and for helping people get out of their bondage and leading them to freedom.

Date Fri Jun 18 2010 13:25 | Kathy
I was at my breaking point and called dr. Carson's office to make an appointment. After meeting with Dr. Carson, I am calm, I deal with negative issues by letting them go, not dwelling on them. I feel like a new, improved and refreshed person. I am just very grateful for everything you've done for me!

Date Fri Jan 29 2010 21:29 | Mark
I came with a negative outlook on life and am leaving with a positive outlook, and enjoy being myself now. I would like to thank Dr. Carson and her caring attitude toward helping others identify our problems and let them go. Thank you!

Date Mon Apr 20 2009 13:43 | Teresa
I have let go of the past and am staying in the present. I never thought I could ever feel this great! Dr. Carson is very supportive, loving and gentle. She guides you in the learning process while providing a safe and healthy environment. Thank you and God Bless You!

Date Wed Jul 16 2008 11:29 | Keisha
When I first came in I was afraid to leave my house, missed out on important events and parties with my kids. I can leave my house without feeling fear or anxiety and I'm now returning to class. Thank you for helping me get my life back.

Date Thu Jun 26 2008 18:15 | Marian
From the day I walked into your office, I was full of anxiety. I didn't think I could get over the depression, or get what I wanted in my life. After the 3rd session, I completely got rid of all my doubts and got rid of all old patterns. I was able to find love and I got work. You were absolutely right about everything! I still use all the tools you gave me. You inspired me. I would like to tell everyone to do all 3 sessions. You gave me strength to move on in my life. I found peace. It was all worth it! I wish more people would find it! Thanks for giving me my life back! Thank you for all your efforts and your time, Dr. Carson.

Date Tue May 2 2006 10:58 | Mariam
Dr. Carson was great! I feel very relaxed and happy and working for my weight loss.

Date Tue Aug 23 2005 16:11 | Javier
I feel better, focused, strong, and ready to go on with my life - anxiety-free. I don't have all the fears I had in the past. I'm more aware of my surroundings, understand my past and my present problems and am managing them. I am able to do a lot of things like normal again.
Thank you. I'm still in shock of how great and fast this worked and I feel relieved.

Date Mon Feb 7 2005 23:13 | Tammy
I have accomplished self hope. I have accomplished the knowledge that I am OK, and that my life is going to be fine and happy and not full of fear. I have been able to let go of a very painful past and forgive all those who contributed to it including myself. Thank you, Dr. Carson.

Date Mon Feb 7 2005 23:03 | Heidi
I came to see Dr. Carson rebelling and it truly does take the conscious mind time to process all the good!
Thank you, Dr. Carson.

Date Fri Jul 2 2004 00:38 | Darci
I came in after struggling with alcohol and even trying to end my life. I learned tools to help me relieve the stress and anger I was feeling. I was able to forgive the people that hurt me in the past which allowed me to move on. I am looking forward now to my future(after three sessions). I know there will be hard times, but I am confident that I have the tools now to get me through those times. Thank you.

Date Thu Feb 5 2004 22:01 | tyi
Enter your message here.Iam always nervous, al day long it never stops, I'm always think that I'm going to throw up pass out, which I never throw up, or even pass out before, but I'm always nervous, and then I'm around people it complete goes away, it seems like I just think about it so much, that I start to freak myself out, do you think I can talk this out of my head or do you think I should seek professional help

Date Tue Aug 26 2003 12:33 | Meredith
I have eliminated anxiety in my life. I also no longer have cravings for harmful drinks and foods. I have been able to reach a better level of feeling about myself too. I feel that this has done a lot more than just eliminate anxiety. This was an amazingly helpful experience. I really appreciate what Dr. Carson has taught me.

Date Tue Jan 28 2003 11:29 | Donnye
I feel I am more confident with my decisions and appreciate myself more. This took care of my rage and anger and even money problems!
Thank you and God Bless.

Date Sat Jan 25 2003 12:08 | Roger
I have relieved all my anxiety and anger in my life. Also, pain and allergies are gone.
I feel at peace with myself and my life.
Thank you.

I can help you right away to not only eliminate the fear and nervousness you describe, but to help you so that you can heal the root cause of it all in only 3 sessions. All the people in this section (and too many to list) have achieved their goals in 3 sessions as you can see. All that is needed from you is the willingness to get better. I have made a commitment to help relieve suffering in this world. The question is are you ready to heal? Dr. Carson

Date Tue Jan 21 2003 13:40 | Annie
I saw Dr. Carson for weight. After the first session, the weight began to shift so that my clothes were looser. I was also treated for anxiety and depression. Both are gone. And the pain in my knee is also completely gone! I feel so much better, I won't need the surgery I was scheduled for!
Rheumatoid Arthritis and Scoliosis
April 28 2017 / Paula in Texas
I was able to conquer anxiety attacks, Shame and huge fears which are no longer there in three sessions. I’m no longer carrying the guilt from the past. I feel free! The scoliosis and RA are healed. I’m also healed of all the pain, physical and emotional and all the anger that I held inside which caused the depression. I feel authentic now and free to talk. I am a lot more confident and know that I will continue to release the weight. I was 255 pounds and now after three sessions, I am 239 pounds. I am excited to work out now. The work has been a beautiful thing to go through and very healing. Thank you Dr. Carson.

August 1 2011 / Gail
When I came to see Dr. Carson I was feeling desperate - but not sure it would help. I decided to try Dr. Carson's therapy. To my complete amazement, I felt so much better after each session. The swelling is gone and I know that the rest of my life will be great.
May 31 2013 / Lisa
I came to Dr. Carson in great pain, anxiety, fear of health problems. I came to become calmer, breathe easier, and stop feeling the need to work all the time to keep up. I'm finished today and I feel so much better. Fear, anxiety, pain are gone. I so appreciate the opportunity to have taken this journey and to use all the tools provided. Thank you so much from a very appreciative patient.

June 28 2012 / Gabriel
Dr. Carson has shown me that with her help and some calming tools anything is possible. Coming into her office, I was a smoker with asthma and an extreme amount of anger, but today I'm walking out her doors feeling happy, healthy, and in control of my anger as well as my life.

December 17, 2011 / Dionze 8 years old
Mother says: Looking at him when he first came in, Dionze was a mess! Now, after three treatments, he is happy and peaceful. He's a normal kid now. His energy is positive and he's learned how to express himself. He's not angry anymore. He's confident. Now he can have a normal childhood: calm, the depression is gone, the fear is gone, anxiety is gone, and most important, the asthma is gone. Dionze has found peace within himself. Thank you Dr. Carson.

Date Tue Apr 25 2006 12:24 | Mary
Dr. Carson's therapy helped me with insomnia. I have never slept like this in a long time. I was able to work out without using the asthma inhaler for the first time in years. I was elated that I could actually breathe. I am also free of the fear of cancer recurring. Thank you very much for your help!!!

Date Thu Feb 6 2003 12:55 | Denise
My asthma is gone after using medications most of my life.I haven't had one attack since the treatment over a year ago. Depression, anxiety, and uncontrollable anger are all gone.
I understand my feelings better and where they come from.
Thank you.
Bad Habits
bad habits
August 14, 2012 / Melanie
Dr. Carson helped me to stop clenching my teeth. Dentists were advising me to use a mouth guard. Instead I chose to visit Dr. Carson and fix the problem. I would recommend Dr. Carson to anyone who wants to stop clenching!

Date Tue Oct 28 2008 15:43 | Ryan
I was able to stop biting my nails, gave up procrastination, became more organized. I also have more confidence now and did very much appreciate the improvement Dr. Carson was able to show me.

Date Wed Jul 23 2008 13:19 | Gene
Dear Dr. Carson
I wanted to take the time to write this letter to thank you for all you have done for me. Prior to our meeting, I had a set of predetermined disempowering habits that were keeping me from reaching my goals. When we met in person, I discussed these habits with you, and, looking back, was closed minded as to changing anything else. You immediately took charge of the session and explained to me that I had deeper issues than the ones I have been focusing on. At that time, I felt I was perfectly fine other than what I wanted to change and did not really believe you. Regardless, I was so intent on changing that I put myself in your hands. I must admit that was the best decision I have made in my life. What you managed to accomplish in three short sessions was phenomenal. All aspects of my life have changed for the better. In addition, the quality of my life has improved tenfold. I would recommend you to anyone who desires permanent change. Again, thank you for all you have done for me and if there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask.

Date Thu Jun 1 2006 15:24 | Greg
Dr. Viviane was able to help me overcome allergies and nail biting among other things in three sessions. It is fantastic and I feel great about what I accomplished.
Bladder Control
bladder control
Date Wed Oct 15 2003 14:54 | Patricia
I have accomplished my original goal and even more. I have overcome anxiety and depression and I am at peace with my past. I am very grateful to have met Dr. Carson.
June 17 2013 / Gabriela
I came in because I was depressed, had bad allergies and a chronic cough, I was stressed, dealing with problems, had heartburn and pain in my body. I also had anger and hurt feelings. I was looking for "something" to help me feel better. My cousins advised me to look outside the medical field and my husband supports me and encourages me. After speaking with Dr. Carson on my first visit, I started to heal and with the tools she taught me. I am 100% better. I have healed in so many ways. Now my allergies are gone and my cough is gone. I was on many medications that I don't need anymore. I am so grateful for my new life!
August 14 2012 / Melanie
Dr. Carson helped me to stop clenching my teeth. Dentists were advising me to use a mouth guard. Instead I chose to visit Dr. Carson and fix the problem. I would recommend Dr. Carson to anyone who wants to stop clenching!

Date: June 27 2011 / Mark
I have found Dr. Carson's treatment to help me eliminate stress and anxiety from my life to have healed bruxism, sleep apnea and insomnia. Thank you. I feel much better - calm and happy.
March 2 2018 / Kevin in Ohio
I am not afraid of everything anymore. I have God with me to handle it all. I am not emotional. I am more true to myself, not worried about the outside world. I have my freedom. I am calm. I think things through instead of garbage. I have clear thought processes. The forgiveness felt emotional but I forgave everyone. Thank you, Dr. Carson, you've helped me a lot. I was a person who didn't feel and reacted to things from the past/ Everybody remarks on how well I look.

February 8 2017 / Isabel in Florida
Dr. Carson, I wanted to let you know that the blood test results were excellent and the doctor said he was simply amazed to be able to give me such a good report and he said everything is absolutely excellent. He said just keep on doing what you have been doing, so thank you so much for helping me get over what I needed help with. The cancer is gone and I thank you very much for all the very internal personal healing that you did for me. You helped me release me from things in my unconscious that I couldn’t. You gave me tools that worked every time. I followed everything you told me and the words helped me and continue to help me every day.

November 2 2016 / Jen in Pennsylvania
When I first came to Dr. Carson, the doctors had just told me that I had a “large growth on my uterus that had to be removed”. They would not give me ANY further information until they did more tests. I was very concerned that the growth could be cancerous. I had an ultrasound, an MRI, and then another sonogram. They found a fibroid on my uterus that was as large as my uterus. I had two sessions with Dr. Carson and she introduced me to some amazing techniques. One month later, the fibroid was GONE! The doctors can’t explain it, and I obviously don’t need the surgery. I am so very thankful that I found Dr. Carson!!!

Date October 31 2011 / Sherry
Dr. Carson, you helped me tremendously. I'm sleeping every night. Things are so good - uterus/cervix - no cancer anymore. You helped me to take care of me and let God. I know God spoke to me through you. I think what you do is commendable! It's not easy. Thanks.

Date July 2 2011 / Laura
I was treated by Dr. Carson over a three week period for extreme stress, negativity and depression. When I got done, I was happy, positive and free of the breast cancer I had been conquering for a year. Dr. Carson is a kind and generous person with her concern and time to get you through.
Childhood Trauma
childhood trauma
February 14 2018 / Joan
I have let go of the negative power of the past. You don't have to be controlled by your past. Dr. Carson led me through facing the negativity of my past, and I was able to forgive the offender and sent them away forever. What a relief! Let her help you too!!!

August 2 2017 / Nadine in Illinois
I have no more anxiety, depression or grief after only three sessions, The relief of forgiving is huge for me because I had held onto it and dwelled on it all my life and wondered what was wrong with me. I learned that it was something inside me that made me feel it was my fault. Now I know it’s not my fault. I want to thank you, Dr. Carson, I almost dind’t allow you to treat me when I found out you were in California. Then, you called me and started to talk about a book which was the same book I was reading and it floored me that it was the same book. That’s how I found you in the first place, I thought maybe hypnotherapy, but I didn’t call you back when I couldn’t see how you could help me from California. But you did. It was all Divine. Even my daughter has been amazed and is in awe about my healing.

October 16 2015 / Corine
I found myself feeling less and less an active participant in my life. Frustrated with past abuse experiences tainting my desire to connect emotionally with my family, spouse and children. Dr. Carson, a therapist working out of the box, so to speak, provided me with tools to override the influences of my unconscious mind and begin building an internal support system that has decreased feelings of depression, anxiety, grief and anger. I have a sense of hopefulness and empowerment in my life now, which I’m quite grateful for.

August 27 2013 / Bobbie
I don't exactly know what you did the day I visited your office, but I want you to know how grateful I am to you for doing it. Since our meeting, I can look at memories of my mother with a great deal more understanding. It's as if I now can look from both the perspective of the child and the adult. I'm also beginning to understand my own quirks more broadly. I could write more, but I hope someday to tell you face-to-face the effect of your treatment. Thank you so much.

February 8 2012 / Vicky
I went to my child within and realized a lot of my negativity was from abandonment. Now I have a life purpose I did not know I have and I feel happy, healthy and informed. Thank you for opening up areas that I did not know about myself and healing them.

Date Mon May 3 2010 12:32 | Alfred
I had carried a traumatic experience from my childhood my whole life. Dr.Carson treated me and this was very good and helpful. I feel like a new man! And in only three hours!

Date Mon Mar 31 2003 11:39 | Gabriela
I wanted to remember my childhood and have more self-esteem.
I accomplished both in only one session! I am more confident about myself. I'm very thankful to Dr. Carson.
Christian Living
christian living
Date Tue May 16 2006 14:49 | Sherry
As a Christian, I have been trying to give things to God and this experience has truly helped me to do this by feeling what my inner child has gone through and letting God forgive her and know that she is loved. The pain, guilt, depression, anger, negativity, hurt and fear are gone, and I know I can move on from here and let God be in control instead of me trying to control things. That makes me truly happy and at peace. It has also helped me to let go of the grief in losing my father. Thank you, Dr. Carson. You have no idea how much this means to me.
Chronic Pain (Neck and Back)
chronic pain (neck and back)
Date Mon Aug 1 2011 / Gloria
If you are tired of having a doctor "practice" on you as I was, Dr. Carson helped me to handle my thoughts and to manage my own "world". Anyone who wants to better manage their well being and who is willing to learn, can be helped by Dr. Carson.Thank you for assisting in my needed focus.

Date Mon June 6 2011 / Roxane
When I started treatment, (for chronic knee and pelvic pain, depression, insomnia, and weight control) I was greatly concerned about the physical aspects of my life. I had reached bottom. However, after I spoke to Dr. Carson the first time, something told me that I was going to be OK. And, although Dr. Carson uses unconventional methods, I knew at the end of my first session I was going to be fine. Since then, I have grown in so many ways! And I am so grateful for that. I no longer have any knee or pelvic pain. I can walk now and I have lost four dress sizes without any struggle! It has been wonderful. Big thank you to you, Dr. Carson!

Date Tue May 9 2006 13:58 | Teri
I came in walking with a cane and walked out without it, finally out of pain. Dr. Carson helped me in many ways that I did not even expect. Not only with my chronic pain, but with my life and future and the control I can have of it all! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Date Tue Feb 8 2005 11:00 | John
When I first came in, I wasn't sure how this would work, but I was tired of the constant pain. I was willing to try and it proved to be a great experience for me. All the pains in my lower back were removed. I am not worrying anymore about being young with a painful back problem for the rest of my life. I feel much better about myself and my stress level is lower than it has ever been.

Date Mon Feb 10 2003 14:13 | Barbara
The pain in my neck and back is gone and my weight is dropping.I let go of fears from the past and have forgiven people in my past.I feel good about myself. Thank you very much.
January 9 2017 / Ariel in Massachusetts
I wrote on Dr. Carson’s form that I wanted to rid myself of depression, anxiety, sadness, tension, clouded thinking, anger, insecurity, panic attacks, mistrust, and create within myself happiness, love , peace and calm. I have accomplished all my goals in three sessions! No more panic! I feel tremendously better than a few weeks ago. I got in touch with my inner self. I did not expect this: to get in touch with my pure innocent self and that was life changing! Far more impactful than I thought. At first, I was resistant to changing my patterns, but I realize I need to continue to use my tools if I want to continue to feel that happiness and peace in my life. My ability to be at peace is a 10 out of 10, compared to before. I imagine it will get even better. I cannot overstate the power of visualizing the little girl in me, it was a huge realization! I really appreciate having found you, Dr. Carson when I couldn’t find anyone I could trust. I had looked around for many years. I can’t thank you enough.

December 12 2016 / Mariana
I highly recommend Dr. Carson if you have a depression and/or anxiety problem. It’s been so long since I feel this way. Now I have tools to deal with any problems without the the depression and anxiety. Thank you!!! ***** Five Stars.

August 1 2016 / Robin in Kansas
I’ve been able to release anything that kept me from accomplishing my goals of being free. Now I like/love myself enough to get where I want to be which is skinnier. I am already happier than ever!

July 11 2016 / Acela
Dr. Carson helped me to feel in control of my life, versus depression and fatigue controlling me. She helped me to realize that I had the power to heal myself through my unconscious mind with her techniques. I no longer feel like I am a victim of anxiety, instead, I feel peace and balance.

February 4 2016 / Carla
On my initial visit with Dr. Carson, I was very skeptical. My first thought was, “This is a money scheme.” Even after the first session I was still hesitant but I did follow the instructions of Dr. Carson. By day 2, I started to see small changes in my day to day life. By my second session, I started really getting in touch with myself and by using my tools regularly, my entire life started to change. I passed a test I thought was impossible. I started forgiving myself and others. By the time I had my third session, I was no longer anxious, insecure, scared or guilty. I still have a way to go but wouldn’t have done it without Dr. Carson.

November 24 2014 / Dedra
I found Dr. Carson through her website. At first, I felt that there was nothing I could do to stop the anger and depression I felt throughout my life. I never trusted anyone with my feelings or thoughts. Dr. Carson helped me understand how important I am. She also helped me to understand that letting go and forgiving is a great part of moving on into your future. So thank you Dr. Carson and now I can be happy, confident and secure.

November 3 2014 / Patricia
I learned of Dr. Viviane searching through the web. The first time I came to the session, I was very lost, anxious, had mixed thoughts, not convinced totally that it would help. But at the end of the treatment and to my surprise, I felt so much better, rating from a 9 to a 0 with nine being the worst when I started treatment to 0 being the best at the end. Thank you Dr. Viviane.

October 21 2013 / Michelle
I was severely depressed, angry, no self-esteem when I first came to see Dr. Carson and after our third session, I feel like a new person, and I can have a good life. Thank you so much, Dr. Carson!

September 14, 2013 / Frances
When I walked through these doors (at Dr. Carson's Alternative Health Care Center), I was at my last hopes for looking for a cure to all my drama in life. I was suicidal and very much depressed, with no self-love. Now I feel a complete turnaround and I am hopeful for my future. I have learned how to meditate each day. My anger is gone and I just really feel good. And I feel like I can truly love me now. Thank you very much, Dr. Carson.

March 23 2013 / Jeff
I am a long time curious person regarding hypnotherapy and the world of health care through enlightened individuals who are not only effective in helping others but are gifted and devoted. Dr. Viviane Carson is the most special healer I have ever had the great pleasure of meeting. I have and will always recommend her to help others.

February 7 2013 / Irina
I decided to see the doctor at the time when my physical and emotional conditions were really poor. I was very stressed, had strong pain in my liver, high blood pressure, thyroid problem, and was a little overweight. And the doctor said that the treatment will address all my problems. I was very skeptical about that (even though I wanted to believe it).But day after day doing everything the doctor taught me and after the sessions that I got, I started feeling better and better. I felt much happier, I started noticing that my life is not that bad! Pain in my liver was less and less, I learned to control my stress, and noticed my blood pressure was going down. I also to control my thoughts and feelings, it is really overall! I know that this is not a one day miracle, I have to continue to change my habits with my tools, but I do believe now in myself; I learned to trust and love myself, it is really a serious change in me because my self-esteem was at a zero level before.Interestingly, my relationships with my husband and daughter have changed drastically. I had very good and stable relations with my family and never thought that it could be much MUCH better. And by changing myself I change people around me. I see these changes and they happen pretty fast.I am very thankful to the doctor for the treatment and felt how much she cared about me. It was very different compared to regular MDs that would just prescribe medications and let me go struggle by myself. Dr. Carson doesn't treat symptoms; she treats the cause, the root of the problem. It is a very different approach but this is the only one that will address the problem and will fix it.

July 9 2012 / Pamela
Referred by a dear friend, I came to Dr. Carson in a very dark state. At the first visit I was given tools that literally got me through the first few days. With each subsequent visit, I was able to become stronger, happier, more loving and infinitely more peaceful. I now feel like I have the ability to go forward into my life without fear.

February 8 2012 / Erin
I came in less than a month ago depressed and confused about life. I was searching for real help. I have been to psychologists in the past who listen and offer pills. I wanted true help to overcome my issues not the masking of a pill. I found that with Dr. Carson. She offered real help. My stress is gone, my confusion understood. After living with suicidal thoughts and two attempts, I feel really alive for the first time in my life and actually excited about my future.

February 2012 / Pat
Am now undepressed, successful and have lost weight. I also have a larger focus and vision, have better relationships with others and myself. Thank you.

December 14, 2011 / Kathy
I have been able to let go of my worries, depression, anxieties and to focus on positivities in my life in only three sessions. To learn to be able to turn off the negative thinking and learn to love the person that I am and to accept that person. I learned more about myself, especially my past self and to realize that person is still inside of me and I missed her. I also changed my diet for the best! Thank you for working with me and being patient with me and helping me to realize my worth in this world!

December 6 2011 / Annalisa
Don't be afraid. Doing this treatment and following the directions properly, helps you gain back all the control you felt you've lost, and gives you the opportunity to make things better for yourself. Besides getting my weight loss going, I have also gotten rid of my depression and anxiety. My self-esteem has also gone up. Thank you for your help Dr. Carson.

October 10 2011 / Geri
I was skeptical about Dr. Carson's treatment for severe depression but I gave it a try and I am so glad I did because I feel better now than I have in a long time. I am amazed at how much this has helped me to heal. Dr. Carson has given me my life back and I am so thankful to her for that.

Date August 5 2011 / Gail
When I came to see Dr. Carson, I was feeling desperate - but not sure if it would help. Having nothing to lose but my weight and my emotional problems, I decided to try Dr. Carson's therapy. To my complete amazement, I felt so much better after each session. I am a different person now with confidence and a knowledge that the rest of my life will be great!

Date Mon June 6 2011 / Roxane
When I started treatment, (for chronic knee and pelvic pain, depression, insomnia, and weight control) I was greatly concerned about the physical aspects of my life. I had reached bottom. However, after I spoke to Dr. Carson the first time, something told me that I was going to be OK. And, although Dr. Carson uses unconventional methods, I knew at the end of my first session I was going to be fine. Since then, I have grown in so many ways! And I am so grateful for that. I no longer have any knee or pelvic pain. I can walk now and I have lost four dress sizes without any struggle! It has been wonderful. Big thank you to you, Dr. Carson!

Date Mon April 4 2011 | Christine
Stop feeling depressed was my main goal. I'm feeling great now after three sessions, and I feel that I am able to start working again. I am able to get out of bed. I even stopped smoking without craving during these sessions. Do not be leery of hypnosis. It helped me when I was feeling awful because of the way Dr. Carson incorporates it into her healing method. Now I am thankful for her help.

Date Tue Feb 22 2011 11:54 | Trevis
Four months ago I experienced a mental break and checked myself in a mental hospital. My life was spiraling out of control and my desire to see tomorrow was dim. Until last week I did not know how I was going to be able to return to work or return to a functional world. Today was my first day of work --- it was a fantastic day! I have my confidence and self-worth back. Thank you Dr. Carson for returning my life to me... a life that is balanced and under God and my control.

Date Tue Apr 27 2010 14:33 | Jeff
When I came to see Dr. Carson for the first time, I was a mess. I was depressed, I had feelings of guilt, no self-esteem, no confidence, and feelings of despair. After my 3 sessions with Dr. Carson, I am happy, no feelings of guilt, my self-esteem and confidence are high. I feel my life is now balanced, and I am pushing forward. If you need help Dr. Carson will help you overcome your problems like she has helped me. I want to thank her for all she has done to get my life moving forward again. Jeff

Date Sat Mar 15 2008 16:36 | Tina
I am no longer depressed and I can concentrate better. I recommend Dr. Carson, she helped me and I am happier and more confident than I have ever been. Thank you for all you have done for me.

Date Wed Oct 27 2004 09:49 | Natali
Dr. Carson calmed my life down. She removed all my stress and depression and left me focused and happy.

Date Mon Jun 7 2004 14:26 | Deborah
I wanted to be happier and I am now (after 3 sessions). I feel like I can deal with any problems in my life without any stress or anger. I am also healthier and more aware of the choices I make and I am at peace with where I am at in my life. Thanks, Dr. Carson.

Date Fri Apr 9 2004 00:35 | Deborah
I have accomplished my goals in eliminating my depression and releasing my fears and my excess weight. I have come to terms with my past and am at peace with my loved ones. It feels so great to feel this kind of peace for the first time in many years. Thank you!

Date Tue Mar 18 2003 12:18 | Gina
I am healed of the depression and anxiety.I feel more at peace.I stopped thinking of the worst.
Thank you, Dr. Carson.

Date Sat Feb 15 2003 13:48 | Daniel
I gained self-confidence by taking charge of my life. I am no longer accepting blame and feeling guilty. I established boundaries. I learned I can forgive myself without others forgiving me first. I am happy I did these three sessions for myself because I got stronger and gained tools to get peace back into my life. Dr. Carson has helped me and both my sons so much. Thank you.

Date Sun Feb 2 2003 11:39 | DJ
Got over depression and fears. I do feel I have more motivation towards school, etc.
Thank you.

Date Wed Jan 29 2003 13:32 | Steve
Depression and anxiety are healed. I have more self-confidence, and I'm a stronger person. I got in touch with feelings I needed to get in touch with.
Thank you!

Date Mon Jan 27 2003 10:34 | Angela
Depression is gone, I am able to sleep better, healed anger and anxiety. I have better self-awareness. Also healed my bladder.
I love you, Dr. Carson!

Date Fri Mar 11 2002 | JoAnn
I came here to stop/get help with my depression. I no longer feel depressed now. It means the world to me. I feel happier, more confident, that I have wonderful tools to use. I feel very positive about my experience here. Thank you. I will stay in touch.
February 18 2017 / Cindy in West Virginia
Drugs don’t help. I did all that (medications) to help me lose weight but it did not work. I needed something different. And I found it when I found you, Dr. Carson. I’m happy and healthy now. I stopped the meds and I don’t need them anymore. I am losing weight. I’ve learned to love myself, doing what I needed to do for myself. I’m not worrying about everybody else. I’m a better person. I’m healthier in every way. My stress is down to nothing. I have tools to continue to help me in all this. It’s so much better than being stuck in anger. I have more energy. I’m a better mother and a better worker. I am conscious of being in the present, doing things that make me happy. I believe I can do it now. I am in charge of my life now! It feels weird and it feels great!

November 21 2016 / Terry in Illinois
This work has given me so much more than I ever thought! This work has been a spiritual journey for me as well as a technology, which is harder to trust at first, but the processing, the forgiveness, the self-love put me in touch with my golden heart. I understand the point of it all now. I am so very grateful to have found you, Dr. Carson. I didn’t know that so much trauma could be healed in only 12 days. My life had been getting smaller and smaller, now it’s opened up and will continue to expand. It has been a HUGE shift! Thank you.

October 12 2016/ Lizette
When I first came to Dr. Carson, I had so much guilt, pain, stress, anxiety, was overweight, fatigued, had brain fog, shame, procrastination, little to no motivation. Today, I feel free, feel connected to my inner self. I feel more confident, trustful, worthy to love and to be loved. I feel happy and optimistic about my family and the future. Thank you so much, Dr. Carson. I am forever grateful even if I started out as non-compliant and skeptical. You gave me back my self-confidence and I feel good and happy. My future is bright and I am ready for the challenge.

November 3 2015 / Yvonne
I came to see Dr. Carson for diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, pain in my neck and back, and sleeplessness. I am able to focus with ease, the physical pain is gone, and I believe in myself now. I am diabetes free and my health is excellent now that I have let go of all the stress and anxiety. It feels good to know that I can sleep again. Dr. Carson has been a great help with helping me to deal with all the underlying issues I did not know were there.

October 27 2015 / Elia
I was devastated because of the neuropathy pain I felt due to my diabetes. After my first visit with Dr. Carson my pain was nearly gone. When my sessions ended, I was not only pain free, but very, very happy. I got rid of all my cravings which were making my health worse. I am very thankful to Dr. Carson for all of her help. At first, I was skeptical. I saw Dr. Carson’s website and after a few months, I went back to the website and decided to give her a call. I am very glad I did.

May 16 2012 / Connie
My experience in my sessions with Dr. Carson has gone beyond my original expectations. I have released internal stresses, hidden guilt, and forgiven myself. I still have work to do, but feel very optimistic that I will accomplish my goal weight in the very near future. In addition, I have let go of the negatives in my life and am feeling an inner peace.

Date Thu May 22 2008 12:20 | Louie
I feel very happy and relieved that today is the first day of the rest of my life as a happy and healthy person again. I am back. Thank you very much for giving me my life back.

Date Tue Mar 18 2003 12:24 | Milagros
I am healed from diabetes, stress, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. I sleep much better. My blood pressure is down and I feel so good. Thank you, Dr. Carson.

Date Sun Feb 9 2003 20:57 | Jacky
I accomplished my goals of controlling the diabetes and weight and heart problems. I am a beter person and have more confidence. Thanks for your help.
October 28 2013 / Janet
What I accomplished: I came to heal from pain, diarrhea, depression, anxiety, phobias, motion sickness, grief, insomnia. I am so happy I found Dr. Carson.
Date August 1 2010 / Gail
When I came to see Dr. Carson I was feeling desperate - but not sure if it would help. Having nothing to lose but my weight and my emotional problems, I decided to try Dr. Carson's therapy. To my complete amazement, I felt so much better after each session. I am a different person now with confidence and a knowledge that the rest o my life will be great!

Date July 24 2009 / Mendy
What I understood was that my problems came from the past and what it means to me is I am free now - no more dizziness. I am looking forward to a brighter future. So you do not need drugs or lengthy doctor visits. You need immediate help and quick help - free of drugs. You need to get to know yourself better, get right down to the root cause with Dr. Carson, process it, and leave with all the tools you need to have a happy life.
Date July 8 2011 / Carl
I did not realize how much physical pain I was in until I started to feel better here. I feel I have a new hold on being able to read properly and on having the willingness to start learning again instead of hiding from it. I am thrilled with this new feeling of confidence. I sleep much better. I am relaxing, and waking up ready for life. The anxiety is gone. My hearing is better. The radio volume in my car is at a lower setting. That's wonderful! I was unhappy with myself and now I am happy and I have better self-esteem - all in only three sessions!! Thanks Dr. Carson.