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"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is."
-Albert Einstein
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Eating Disorders
eating disorders
March 19 2018 / Cheryl in New York
I am no longer eating compulsively and in three sessions I have already lost 7 pounds. I am no longer turning to food for comfort or forgetting to eat at all. I did not realize that my relationships from the past had anything to do with this issue, and that the forgiveness piece we did about my Dad was still not cleared up until today. I never thought about being sensitive and how that affects my entire life. It is really good to have this awareness. I feel lighter, less bloated. I have more compassion for others. I am very glad I did this. I am excited about my life and very grateful.

April 14 2014 / AllissiaI wanted to be happier, living a stress-free life to some point, knowing that stressors are always there, being able to handle things in my life differently. By coming here, I am more at peace within myself. I am thinking before I act, using the tools that were given to me. I have found that my life is not as bad as it seemed. I just needed the tools to make me see that my stress level, my depression levels, my anxiety levels have all gone away. I am able to sleep now without meds. Life is now a much better place. I am losing weight. The way I see food and the reason I chose to eat certain foods has changed for the better. So many changes during this transformation! Coming into Dr. Carson's office was a little scary, not knowing what was going to happen, if anything, but I allowed myself to be open for change and I was truly changed! I think differently about myself and the people around me. I don't allow any negative thoughts to invade my space. The most important thing about this transformation is I lost 12 lbs. in 3 weeks (so amazing). Thanks Dr. Carson!

October 11 2012 / Sally
I came here to stop getting up to eat numerous times throughout the night. Using the learned techniques I finally am in charge of this behavior. I no longer get up in the middle of the night to snack on whatever I find. I would certainly recommend Dr. Carson for anyone who believes they are hopeless. My future is positive since I have completed the healing process. I feel extremely confident and I expect to live a more fulfilled life.

March 22, 2012 / Andrea
I have always known there was a negative presence holding me back. I could only go so far in my life and would be blocked. These sessions with Dr. Carson have let me realize my full happiness. I can now live with peace and happiness. I can also now pass this along to my children, family, and anyone else who needs this love God has given. Dr. Carson will simply give us the tools we need to heal ourselves. A big thank you to Dr. Carson.

October 3 2011 / Lindsay
I have adopted healthier eating habits, I have learned to forgive myself and others for things that happened in the past. I have healed the anxiety, depression, and anger caused by those things from the past. I have learned to accept myself and my body and to not be so hard on myself. I have put aside any fear and my tendency to procrastinate.Thank you Dr. Carson for your compassion and patience and for helping me to realize it's ok to be me.

Date Tue Jul 6 2010 11:27 | Erin
I have stopped binge eating. This means a lot to me because it means I am no longer afraid of food because I am in charge of what I choose to eat. I also have confidence. I feel light and free. What a difference than dark and controlled. This has helped me more than I thought. I feel on top of the world.

Date Wed Feb 12 2003 15:07 | Darryll
I'm over the eating problem, got over anger.Better communication. Found new hobby interests. I feel great about myself - positive and strong. Thank you, Dr. Carson.
May 14 1012/ Soraia
After suffering for more than 3 decades with seizures, stress, accidents, and emotional pain, I can finally see the light... a new beginning. My cure is not with drugs, but healing by mending emotions of mind and heart. Things you would never imagine to be the cause of your illness will completely surprise you. I think it is nearly impossible to find a cure by yourself without professional help. I'm so glad I found Dr. Viviane Carson. She helped me to find the cause of my seizures and showed me how I can remove the seizures from my life forever. The power of the mind is amazing. The power of positive energy and believing you can help your body heal itself is what Dr. Carson has helped me to understand. I know she can help others the way she helped me. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Soraia
Emotional Problems
emotional problems
July 31 2012 / Diana
I had been having so many problems that I decided to go to Dr. Carson. Even though Kaiser is my health provider, their counseling is a sorry excuse for help. I think Dr. Carson is great. The only bad thing is that I didn't know about her and didn't do this years ago. She has a a set regimen for each patient. After she talks with you, she does the hypnosis and does her magic, not to be confused with something that happens instantly and you walk out the door immediately a new person. Each person is given homework and between the treatments and the homework, it is a major boost to a healthier life. After I went, I asked her if she would take my husband and me for marriage counseling, that is a different approach from what would be a standard couples therapy. My husband had some sad baggage from his past, so she did three one on one treatments with him. He was very pleased and we have had appointments with her which have renewed our relationship.

Date Sat Feb 12 2005 13:47 | Penny
Enter your message here. I went to Dr. Carson with many emotional issues. I have a very bad memory. It could be from being overmedicated or from the fact that my mother and her brother both had alzheimer's. I took many notes, but still my emotions would well up in me and I had to call Dr. Carson for help. She always called me back right away. She was always able to calm me down, explain what was going on inside me and help my healing to be activated. I will always be greatful to her for the hope I have for a wonderful future.
January 21 2013 / Samantha
Dr. Carson really helped me solve my anxiety. She did this by taking the time to find the root cause of my anxiety, which was incredible! Not only is it gone for good, but I now have tools that I can use to help me through any other situation possible.

October 22 2012 / John
As a businessman, I did not take the time to address my issues. When I came to Dr. Carson I was full of anxiety, I had depression, and obsessive thoughts. I learned lots of tools to deal with my anxiety and OCD and I learned how to be a happier person. I really thank her from the depth of my heart.

Date October 24 2011 / Ryan
I am now comfortable and confident in situations where I am not in complete control: e.g. airplanes, roller coasters, back-seats of cars, even relationships. I no longer feel like I'm on the outside of my life looking in, but am an active participant. Dispel your hypnosis doubts. She changed my life infinitely for the better and she'll positively change yours too. Don't waste another day, you can be the person you want to be! Thank you and God bless you Dr. Carson.

Date Wed Apr 9 2003 11:53 | John
My fear of success has vanished (after two sessions)and I am no longer angry. I have developed a feeling of complete peacefulness.
Dr. Carson is quite amazing! I am normally a skeptic about everything, but she provides solutions.
July 10 2017 / Kelly in MichiganI am so much more calm, more real, instead of being stuck in the what ifs. Stress is eliminated, the fibromyalgia is healed, I am eating so much better. My sleep is excellent, especially when I get to bed early enough to get a full night’s sleep. I used to swell up from mosquito bites, but no more! I even went out when the grass was being mowed and stood in it, with no reaction! I’m more confident, more positive. And the cravings for sugar and chocolate are gone. Life is so much better! Thank you, Dr. Carson for your patience and help.

July 11 2016 / Tammy in Texas
I am now free of the anxiety, pain, and stress. I am at peace. I have no more anger which all means that I have a better quality of life because I am in control of my thought processes. I have the power. I am a well of happy energy which makes me more productive. I feel that I have now accomplished a better level of peace. What I take away from all this is huge and affects all aspects of my life. Thank you, Dr. Carson, for doing this work for all of us.

December 16 2014 / Connie
When I first called Dr. Carson I was suffering from symptoms of Fibromyalgia, IBS, and stomach problems. After working with her for several weeks on Skype and by phone, my symptoms disappeared. After our last session, my pain and abdominal problems were gone.

October 6 2014 / SallyI am grateful for my new life free of anger and resentment, more positive outlook. I am free of physical pain and fatigue. No more fibromyalgia! I am smiling! Thank you Dr. Carson.

April 7 2014 / AnneI am grateful for Dr. Carson's time and expertise. I came to treatment with a lot of unresolved grief and pain and after finishing my last session, I do feel better, am free of pain, and more confident that I have the tools now to help myself as I need it.

I have been successfully treating fibromyalgia for a long time, i.e., removing all pain, helping people to heal the root cause so that all symptoms disappear. You do not have to come to California if you cannot. I can help you via phone sessions very quickly. Just call our toll-free number: 661-266-9696 to set up your first pre-treatment appointment and you will start to feel better.
Sorry for taking so long to reply. Hope you are ready to heal yourself now.
Dr. Viviane Carson

Date Thu May 25 2006 16:39 | Jeanne
I came to see Dr. Carson for my weight loss, fibromyalgia and fatigue, but also left my last session without my anxiety and pain!!! Thank you!!.
Date Wed Jul 7 2004 15:26 | Anne
I've been seeing a rheumatologist and he says I have fibromyalgia. But I also tested positive for ANA. I thought that all tests were supposed to be negative with fibro?! He put me on prednisone, which I thought that wasn't supposed to work for fibro either!! I asked him about lupus, but he dismissed that as fast as I had asked....he keeps pushing that aside. I'm so confused and frustrated about the "round about" I'm getting from my doctor. Please help!!

Date Tue Mar 30 2004 15:33 | Louise
I have reached all my goals plus more: good health, and also weight loss and anxiety is gone (in 5 sessions total). I also have a feeling of peace and well being. It feels wonderful to feel this good!!! Thank you, Dr. Carson.

Date Sun Apr 6 2003 19:25 | Gloria
(After three sessions) I am now able to have natural sleep, control the pain of fibromyalgia, and have acquired tools to remind me to "Let go and let God." Dr. Carson is a down-to-earth therapist who knows what she is doing.

Date Tue Feb 4 2003 13:40 | Alice
Upon completion of my 3rd visit, I felt elevated, calm and at peace. I am free of depression, emptiness, anxiety. I am also free of all pain from Fibromyalgia.
Financial Abundance
financial abundance
May 7 2012 / Fred
Take your time to go through Dr. V.'s Program. Listen to everything Dr. V. says and most importantly, use the tools. My experience has been by using the tools every day and throughout the day, my financial picture has changed for the better. Thank you Dr. V.
Gag Reflex
gag reflex
October 8 2016 / Angelica
I was really helped by Dr. Carson with my throat/gagging problem that I’ve had for several years. She got to the root of it, and I am now also free of anxiety and depression which means the world to me! I am now healed from the gagging forever and I am thankful for that. Thank you, Dr. Carson!

July 11 2016 / Blanca in Texas
I have conquered the fear of gagging every time I tried to eat, healed from the severe anxiety, and feel more self confident than ever before. I am closer to God and found out how much I love my family. I learned to trust others with my feelings and forgiveness made me a better person. My blood pressure has normalized, I lost weight and learned to have more appreciation for my life and for God’s creation. My sleep apnea is gone and I get much better sleep. I am also making the best of changes for my own well-being regarding my job as a Nurse Practitioner working nights. Thank you, Dr. Carson.

October 19 2015 / Gary
I can now say I have no more gag reflex when I eat or crazy obsessive thoughts that put my body in panic. I am awake and alive ready to start a new chapter in my life. If you feel like there’s no help, I would say don’t give up no matter what you’re going through. Dr. Carson, I strongly recommend for anyone.

Date Thu Dec 9 2010 09:52 | Ben
I really appreciate Dr. Carson's skills and caring approach to treatment. I had avoided dentists for years because of a horrible gag reflex. Now with the skills and training I received, I can visit the dentist without worry. I am grateful.
January 17 2017 / Alane in Colorado
I accomplished all my goals to eliminate anxiety, phobias, depression, grief, palpitations, medications and to help my immune system. I don’t have to live like I used to; I have a choice and I am in charge of my happiness using the tools that you have given me. I feel powerful and in charge. During the 3 appointments, it became clear to me that I am more in charge by using the tools to affect my unconscious in a positive way. I feel lighter in my body, and I feel hope, I am very hopeful. I have learned to use my imagination and learned to live from my heart rather than from my mind. Everything doesn’t have to be hard if I use my imagination. I can just go forward knowing that the work we did will go on in my unconscious and get better. I feel excited. Thank you, Dr. Carson, for inventing a program that works. Thank you for the tools, and for all the work you do.

July 8 2016 / Daphne in Michigan
Losing a child is the most horrible thing to happen to you. It was the worst day of my life. You have to reconcile yourself with it. To aid you in making peace with your past, see Dr. Carson. Being able to forgive yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself. I forgave myself and it set me free. I am very grateful.

January 20 2016 / Cindy Costa in Florida
I am writing this to tell everyone how Dr. Carson saved my life:
After losing my son to cancer, my grief was so enormous that my doctor told me that there was nothing else he could do for me after prescribing every pill he could think of to help my body cope. After taking the pills for a month and not doing well at all, the next visit came as a shock to my family when the doctor told me that my body was shutting down from grief and a broken heart and there was absolutely nothing more he could do for me. He suggested grievance counselors, which I had already gone through, and did not even phase my body.

THEN: I was desperate so I called hypnotists in my area, none would even take me on all they could and would do is talk to me. I called every number on my computer list and finally came to Dr. Carson's number. I dialed it and left a message and she called me back. Through tears and gasps I explained how desperate I was and she said she could help me. Overjoyed I asked where she was located, being I live in Florida. She told me California and my heart sunk until she told me she could do it over the phone!!!!!

She did her very professional calls and when I returned to my doctor for my next visit he could not believe how I was. NOW I have the magic words to help myself out of deep grief and he tells me that my body has a way to go but it is starting to heal. My subconscious mind was so sad it governed my mind which governs my heart which governs your body.

As you see, I can go on and on about Dr. Carson and still it won't be enough praise for her. I do and always will suggest to anyone out there having any kind of problem to give Dr. Carson a call, she is so easy to speak to and let her bring joy back into your life.

Thank you for your time!

happiness/overcoming negativity
August 3 2015 / Becky
If you are open and ready to change your life for the better, Dr. Carson can help you achieve the life you want to live. Recently, I suffered from depression, lack of energy and focus, anxiety and a general feeling of unhappiness. Negativity was my mindset, and ruled my days. After my first session, Dr. Carson gave me a tool to use that empowered me for a better and happier life. Her technique is gentle and non-threatening, so opening up was an easy process during the following sessions. You’d be amazed about the simplicity of the “assignments” she gives you to work on, and the quick results that immediately follow. I have a different outlook now. I’m happier, more energetic, more forgiving, my anxiety level plummeted and my focus is better than it has been for a long time! Thanks, Dr. Carson

July 1 2013 / Kevin
When I came into Dr. Carson's office I was emotionally and spiritually spread out. I knew there was something inside me begging to look for direction and the tools to create something better for myself. Dr. Carson helped me see the strength of those tools which were given to me and also those I was born with. I intend to use them for the rest of my life. Thank you, Dr. Carson.

July 31 2012 / Elizabeth
I did not know that people like Dr. Carson existed. To imagine to go for so many years, carrying guilt, shame, hurt, etc. is hard for me now. In 3 short hours my life has been totally changed. I feel liberated! Totally free of the negative feelings that dominated most of my life.

June 5 2012 / Mary (15 years old)
I now have accepted happiness which means everything to me! I am able to love again. I am also able to trust people who trust me. If at anytime you see anyone in distress and/or upset, I learned it is easier to do what is right! And always ask questions about the problem.

Date April 11 2011 / Lidia
I have no more pain in my heart and have no negativity. I learned I need to live more in my imagination to create the life I deserve. This was truly a transforming experience. I was skeptical that such a transformation could happen in such a short time, but it did!!! I will use the tools (gifts) daily to reach my goals as a whole, happy, and complete person.

Date Sun Jun 4 2006 15:00 | Kimberly
Dr. Carson is a wonder. The techniques and tools she passes on work wonderfully and I believe that I accomplished so much with her help: I learned that I do not need someone to make me happy.
Hiatal Hernia
hiatal hernia
March 6 2015 / Alicia
My name is Alicia, I came to Dr. Carson’s office June 2014 in search of alternative healing to avoid another surgery since my doctors did not give me any other option. I was diagnosed with hiatal hernia and had been on medication for about 5 years. After taking the medication for 5+ years, the medication was not helping my symptoms any longer and the pain got so severe and difficult to live a normal life. I have been through many doctors and many specialists with no success except surgery.

Dr. Carson ‘s unique treatment is customized for each patient since she goes deeper than the surface of the symptoms to the root cause of the illness. She is gentle, caring, and truly has a deep caring feeling and interest in your heath; she will accommodate your every need. I followed Dr. Carson’s instructions and was faithful to the exercises given to me including what not to eat. By my third appointment with Dr. Carson my hiatal hernias pain was nonexistent! To this day, I do not have the pain and I was able to escape surgery thanks to Dr. Carson!

As a bonus, I have lost 20+ pounds and feel much better physically and spiritually. I highly recommend Dr. Carson’s unique approach in healing. You will NOT be disappointed!

Carson, CA
May 13 2014 / Eugene
I came here to get rid of my constant hiccups and I am now free of the hiccups. I have also become more aware of my ability to be aware! Thank you!
High Blood Pressure
high blood pressure
April 25 2016 / Elisabeth in Florida
I’ve never done anything like this before. I not only worked on weight control, but all areas of my life, including my high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and stress. I went on the internet and found you, Dr. Carson. I took a chance and it worked! I was open minded to doing something different. I appreciate your working with me, Dr. Carson. I had started diets and I only lasted a few hours on them. This works. I am releasing the weight and not putting it back on. Thank you so much.

November 25 2015 / John in Illinois
I was worried that my high blood pressure was causing me serious problems and that I would have to take medications. I made a great improvement and am back to normal by the end of the treatment. I learned tools that I can use anytime. My anxiety is gone, and the pain in my legs has been gone all week. I accomplished a lot with Dr. Carson and now I feel more positive about restoring my finances. Before, I felt very lost and at a dead end. Now I feel that I’m on the road to success. I now am even starting to build a social life.

August 12 2013 / Lilian
My name is Lilian and I'd like to say that being treated by Dr. Carson was the best thing I've done in my life since I've been set free to my happiness in life. And more importantly, I have been cured of my high blood pressure. I could go on but I think that like me, you deserve the same opportunity to meet Dr. Carson and become healthy and as happy as you want to be.

February 7 2013 / Irina
I decided to see the doctor at the time when my physical and emotional conditions were really poor. I was very stressed, had strong pain in my liver, high blood pressure, thyroid problem, was a little overweight. And the doctor said that the treatment will address all my problems. I was very skeptical about that (even though I wanted to believe it). But day after day doing everything the doctor taught me and after the sessions that I got, I started feeling better and better. I felt much happier, I started noticing that my life is not that bad! Pain in my liver was less and less, I learned to control my stress and noticed my blood pressure was going down. I also learned to control my thoughts and feelings, it is really overall! I know that this not a one day miracle, I have to continue to change my habits with my tools, but I do believe now in myself; I learned to trust and love myself, it is really a serious change in me because my self-esteem was at a zero level before.Interestingly, my relationships with my husband and daughter have changed drastically. I had very good and stable relations with my family and never thought that it could be much MUCH better. And by changing myself I change people around me. I see these changes and they happen pretty fast.I am very thankful to the doctor for the treatment and felt how much she cared about me. It was very different compared to regular MDs that would just prescribe medication and let me go struggle by myself. Dr. Carson doesn't treat symptoms; she treats the cause, the root of the problem. It is a very different approach but this is the only one that will address the problem and will fix it.

Date Wed May 12 2010 16:35 | John
My blood pressure and heart rate improved a lot. I feel more at ease with myself and others. I feel much more in control of myself and my surroundings. I am able to relax and I have peace within now.
Hormonal Balancing
hormonal balancing
Date November 11 2011 / Sonia
I originally came in to see Dr. Carson for severe headaches and hormonal imbalance. I left with healing for so much more. I left with a healed heart and spirit. I feel good and at peace.
Date Fri Dec 13 2002 15:16 | Duy
What is Hypnotherapy? Many people confuse Hypnotherapy with the shows they've seen put on by hypnotists for entertainment purposes. Some of these show hypnotists get people to quack like a duck, take off some clothes, and stiffen up like a board to be placed between two chairs. As a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy I am not a performer. I use hypnosis only for relaxation purposes.
Hypnotherapy has been approved by the American Medical Association since 1958 as a valid medical treatment. Recent studies have shown that 94 percent of people benefit from Hypnotherapy, lowering blood pressure, and normalizing autonomic nervous system functions.
The truth is that as a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, I can't make you do anything you don't really want to do, even with the use of hypnosis. Hypnosis is not a coercive mind-control tool. It is a natural state of the mind that you experience countless times a day. It is also an advanced form of relaxation. It is not something one person "does" to another.
When you read a book, go to the movies, even drive your car, you are using self-hypnosis. When you relax and daydream, when you watch TV, when you go over events in your mind, you are using self-hypnosis. All hypnosis is self-induced. It cannot happen without your full consent and collaboration.
Hypnosis is not sleep. And when you are under hypnosis, it doesn't feel like anything "different" is happening. You are fully aware of everything that is going on around you, and you can bring yourself out of it anytime you choose to. It just feels like you are relaxed and able to concentrate, much as when you go to the movies or when you read a magazine.
Intimacy & Sexuality
intimacy & sexuality
September 26 2016 / Dan
This is awesome! I came a long way in the last 2 months, more than I did in the last 2 years! I’m able to have friends now which is good news. I’m not falling out with anybody. I’m praying more, am more disciplined, working out. My relationships with women are funnier, we have deep conversations, and they want to know me and be with me now.

October 6 2014 / Kristen
Dr. Carson will guide you through the process of true self-discovery. Her insight will challenge you to look within and find the answers you are seeking. Every session is a blessing to you, it supports, nurtures and allows you to release the past so you may step into your future to complete wholeness and happiness.

September 3 2013 / Alex
Before my treatment by Dr. Carson, I was having numerous issues which were adversely affecting my life. After the 1st visit I felt much better about myself and by the end of the treatments I now feel totally alive and in control of my life.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
irritable bowel syndrome
November 15 2013 / Mercedes
I came in a mess with my overall attitude towards life and my surroundings and now feel a ton off my shoulders. I also feel more confident and secure in myself and overall Happy. I love you Dr. Carson. Thanks for giving me a new look in life!

December 6 2011 / Peter
I am on my way to becoming regular with my bowel movements without taking anything for it! Thanks Dr. Carson.

Date August 5 2011 / Gail
When I came to see Dr. Carson, I was feeling desperate - but not sure if it would help. Having nothing to lose but my weight and my emotional problems, I decided to try Dr. Carson's therapy. To my complete amazement, I felt so much better after each session. I am a different person now with confidence and a knowledge that the rest of my life will be great!

Date Thu Jan 23 2003 12:22 | Vickie
What is Hypnotherapy? I.B.S. was healed. Also, depression, anger, anxiety. I now have pain control. I accomplished all my goals: better comprehension and retention skills, releasing of the past, weight loss, more self-worth.
I'm very grateful and thank you very much for all your time and helping me overcome all my old obstacles
Jealousy and Trust
jealousy and trust
Date Mon. September 12 2011 / Joe
I accomplished my goals of controlling jealousy, insecurity and anxiety. At first, I was skeptical about healing jealousy. But after my last visit, I feel very confident and secure which helped get rid of all my negative emotions. Please try it. It will work but you have to use the tools! Dr. Carson's great.

Date Tue Nov 14 2006 09:24 | Debby
I came to Dr. Carson with a severe jealousy problem and with having a hard time trusting other people. After 3 treatments, I feel like a renewed person. My relationship with my husband and others is genuine and happiness now abounds. Thank you, Dr. Carson, you're wonderful.
Kidney Conditions
Kidney Conditions
Date Thu Jun 10 2010 12:36 | Roy
I came to Dr. Carson looking to improve my health and self-esteem. Throughout the entire process I improved so much more than that. I now feel completely in control of my life - my outlook on health and life itself can only continue to improve. I am so glad to have had this opportunity to heal.
April 7 2016 / Lisa
Dr. Carson understood my needs, my fears, and my expectations. She thoroughly helped me dive into my inner self to live and feel the way I deserve to feel. I am amazed at the results, amazed at the memory skills I’ve found in myself and feeling the weight of the world lifting off me. I am also so happy I aced my test which helps me to move up professionally in my career.

June 25 2012 / Laurie
I am thankful I came to see Dr. Carson/ I feel better about myself. I was so depressed, I wasn't wearing make up and taking better care of myself. I feel ready to go take my nursing boards and pass. I feel calm and at peace with myself and with everything around me.

Date December 22 2011 / George
I have increased my ability to concentrate and my memory has improved considerably. I have released anxiety, anger and fear from my life. I came to understand emotions I experienced as a child and how they affect my daily life as an adult. I have learned how to relax and to tune out outside interference. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
June 20 2012 / Diana
I went searching for help which was not available through Kaiser in any timely fashion if at all. I had memories from the time I was a small child that had been drilled into me and no idea how to handle it and free myself from the past. Now I am focused on the present. I went from a 10 in pain intensity to a 0 in three sessions.

Date August 29 2010 / Kelly
I have gotten rid of my anxiety, migraines, muscle tension, and asthma. I am free and have higher self-esteem. Thank you. I am so much more relaxed and confident now. Dr. Carson really cares about her patients. I am grateful to her for all her help.

Date Tue Apr 25 2006 12:18 | Dean
I found peace of mind after struggling with severe head pain, depression, and stress. Grateful to Dr. Carson .

Date Tue Mar 8 2005 13:36 | David
I have had migraines for years they came without warning and there did not seem to be any reason for their arrival. They usually were so debilitating that I could not do the simple things in life. Light, sound, and oddly enough smell were hightened and painful during a migraine attack. The best that my doctors could do was to give me either darvecet or vicodin. The last few times that I had migraines the medicine either only worked for about two hours or not at all. Dr. Viviane Carson worked with me and in one session the migraine left. The process seemed simplistic, but the results have been terriffic. I haven't had a migraine since and I don't expect that they will return.
Multiple Personality Disorder or DID
multiple personality disorder or DID
Date January 2012 / Jennifer
I have come to the self-realization that craving chocolate was a release of inner torment, sadness, guilt. I no longer crave chocolate or sweets. I know that I have a safe place to go when necessary. I have always believed that I have an inner voice. That my twin (destructive) has disappeared and that the two personalities have become one, one in the sense of a stronger being. This experience has been so spiritual. I feel that I had an outer body experience in a superior form.