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Please note: We do not use any drugs or medications of any kind.
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"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is."
-Albert Einstein
hat You Can Heal
  • Pain Of Any Kind
  • Phobias/Anxiety/Fears/Worries
  • Grief • Migraines
  • Fibromyalgia or Chronic
  • Fatigue
  • Heart Problems
  • P.T.S.D. • A.D.D./A.D.H.D.
  • Hypertension
  • Immunity Problems
  • Menopause Symptoms/Hormonal Imbalance
  • Diabetes • Parkinson's
  • Ulcers • Skin Conditions
  • M.S. • I.B.S. • Tumors
  • Infertility • Cancer
  • Other Conditions
    (inquire about your own)
  • Energetic (Chakra) Balancing
  • Intimacy/Sexuality
  • Digestion/Diarrhea
    family Dr Viviane Carson - Healing Center in Palmdale, CA
    Find your Higher Purpose in Life
    Change your occupation or direction in life
    Pass exams/tests you had failed in the past
    What is your dream?
    Couple Streching - Healing Center in Palmdale, CACASE HISTORIES
    Do you feel that your life is running out of control, influenced by outside circumstances?
    Healing Depression - Healing Center in Palmdale, CACatherine, a forty-something professional woman came into the office because she felt that way. She couldn't quite name what was wrong. She had gone to her M.D. who told her she suffered from depression and had given her anti-depressants. That was twelve years ago and she was still on medications, though they had to be changed every few months or so. The problem was that her life was completely "blank", as she put it. She never got down so low any more but she also had nothing to look forward to. Her relationship with her husband was blank. Her interactions with her grown-up kids were non-existent. She had nothing to look forward to. She went to her boring job every day and came home where she would eat comfort foods in front of the T.V. and continue to gain weight and feel worse about herself until she had decided to do something about it. So she came in to see me. The first thing I did was to remove all the cravings for all the foods/drinks that were unhealthy for her with her complete collaboration so that she no longer felt like having them. Then I gave her more healthy options for food, for exercise (after I removed all pain that was no longer needed for diagnostic purposes), even for new positive thinking patterns and behavior. She felt immediately better after the first relaxation session and started to use her healing tools right away after the first session. By the end of her third session, she was radiant, slimmer, had a new way of communicating with her husband and children, was off all medications (with the support of her M.D.), and was leaving for a second honeymoon in Hawaii !!! What are some of the dreams you'd like to actualize?
    Anger Management - Healing Center in Palmdale, CAHave you ever felt like your life was at a standstill? Or that your anger is controlling you?
    John had arrived at the point in his life when he knew he had to do something about his temper: his wife was threatening to leave him, his daughter was afraid of him, and he was tired of it all. He had bruises on his hands from hitting a wall or a door in frustration. And he would have memory gaps about these outbursts of rage. He couldn’t even remember afterwards what had set him off, let alone what he had actually done. All he saw when he had calmed down, were the results of his uncontrollable outbursts of anger. Three weeks later, John left this office having transformed his anger from a self-evaluated scale level of 10 to a 0. Not only was the anger gone, but the root cause of his anger, a childhood abandonment issue, had been processed and healed. He felt a new sense of confidence. His self-deprecating behavior had turned into an unbounded optimistic enthusiasm for life, and, most importantly, he had found happiness deep within himself. He had no idea when he completed his treatment whether his wife would choose to stay with him, but he knew he now had the self-confidence to prove to her that he was, as he put it, “A new man.” This is only one “miracle” story.
    Couple Dr Viviane Carson - Healing Center in Palmdale, CA
    Recently, Jane had to be brought into the office by her husband who (himself) was in tears. His wife had not been able to sleep or eat. She spent most of her time pacing back and forth, was withdrawn, had stopped taking care of their two small children. She had lost a lot of weight, and looked emaciated, her hair disheveled, her eyes bloodshot and swollen from constant crying, her hands clutching several torn scraps of tissue.
    By the end of her first treatment, she threw her arms around me and said, "Dr. Carson, you saved my life. I was going to do something terrible today. Instead, I'm going to go home and hug and kiss my children, and thank God I met you."

    Are you controlled by stress?

    What would you like to heal? Let me change your life!
    What We Offer?
    Learn to remove the negative stress in your personal or business life.


    Take charge of it, release it.


    Eliminate panic attacks.

    Lift your mood naturally without medications.

    Heal in three sessions only!

    You will be able to eat normally and have normal bowel habits again.

    Heal any physical, emotional or spiritual childhood trauma.

    Recover from any abuse.

    Eliminate cravings, binging, purging.

    Don't let any negativity rule your life anymore.


    Control your weight successfully and naturally, without
    expensive diets, medication or surgery.

    Stop smoking effortlessly and permanently without weight gain in
    one session.

    Enjoy deep and peaceful sleep without pills.

    Learn to let go of pain without drugs.

    Get rid of any allergy problems without side effects.

    Learn to be completely relaxed anytime, anywhere.


    Optimize in-utero conditions, safe birth and post-natal ideal health.

    Prepare for minimum discomfort, ensure success and maximize healing.

    You can heal most conditions through the "Psychobiophysical Healing"™ method, in conjunction with Hypnotherapy.

    Relaxation Training is also involved which alters brain function in a noninvasive way and is capable of changing even the DNA! (Please refer to "The Biology of Belief" by Dr. Bruce Lipton which has recently supported all of Dr. Carson's methodologies for over 30 years.)

    This method addresses all the human levels of experience: the psychological/mental/emotional levels, the physiological level and, very importantly, the biochemical level without medications or invasive interventions. Hypnotherapy is a relaxation method that facilitates the use of "Psychobiophysical Healing"™.

    Dr. Carson will give you tools to achieve your specific goal. You will have a stress control tool that works immediately and that will help you in any situation.

    You don't have to be sick or broken down, you may simply want to change something in your life, such as increasing your energy level, or improving a skill, or reaching a lifelong goal or broadening your horizons or even achieving a long-withheld dream.

    If you do have a long-term, chronic dis-ease, you can heal that too. Dr. Carson has an exceptionally fast and effective treatment procedure for anxiety, depression and pain of any kind.

    This healing technique is unique; no one works like Dr. Carson who has developed this specific methodology over twenty-six years of experience.

    You can reach whatever goal you set for yourself very quickly in comparison with traditional psychotherapy or conventional medical approaches.

    On your first visit, the first half-hour is a consultation/evaluation/preparation to be successful, during which she will address all your questions and concerns. At the second half hour you will be empowered with your first tool, which will help you to begin to feel better right away. If you prefer, you can do this by appointment over the phone. Dr. Carson will only take on patients she knows will respond favorably to her treatment method, and successfully achieve their goals. If she does not feel that you are a good candidate, she will tell you.

    Telephone sessions are also available and have been very successful.
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